Tip #1
Price of the surgery

We are partnered with clinics where the doctor performs the most important parts of the procedure, and oversees the whole operation. We have inspected many clinics where a technician or nurse performs the whole operation while the doctor sits in his office. This reduces the price of the operation but also may lead to worse results
Therefore, we believe that the price of the surgery should not be lower than CHF 2600.- (2200 €) because this is what a surgeon will ask for.

Tip #2
Anesthesia done by qualified staff

Our clinics have been trained to administer local anesthetic injection using a special technique from top doctors that minimises pain. You should only feel pain only for the first injection and the remainder of the injections should be painless.

We have made sure that the surgeons we recommend are excellent at this technique, so that our patients can be comfortable and not suffer.

Tip #3
Graft extraction

The extraction of the grafts is performed by the surgeon himself and his graft success rate is near from 100%. The success rate of a nurse is around 80-90%, that means the nurse will have to extract more hair than required on the hair loss area. The surgeon will extract the exact number of grafts you need on your donor area to fill the hair loss area. Therefore, you will have less scars in the donor area.

The clinics we recommend use doctors - not nurses - to perform the most complicated part of the procedure, or even the entire procedure.

Tip #4
Donor area after surgery

Our partner clinics perform the first hair wash after surgery to ensure no damage is done to the donor or graft area. We provide detailed advice on how to wash and moisturize the hair to ensure the hair transplant has the best chance of succeeding.

We also provide advice on how to minimise scarring in the donor area, based on the best plastic surgeons’ recommendations.

Donor area 2 weeks after surgery 1940 grafts

Tip #5
6 Steps of a successful operation

Take contact with the consultant or with the surgeon to get general information on hair transplant


Request for an offer (photos, choice of service, patient information form)


Choice of the clinic by the patient, reservation of the plane ticket


Signature of the contract, payment of the deposit


Travel to Istanbul, consultation, operation, post-operative checks, return to Switzerland


Patient follow-up, hair care tips

Julien Gallina, Founder of HT Consultants

Tip #6
FUE Technique is the best choice!

FUE Technique (Follicular Unite Extraction) appeared in years 1995 and was executed with a manual punch until year 2005 for the extraction of the grafts. After 1995, micromotor blades were used to help the surgeon in his work. The main reason of using the FUE technique for hair transplantation, is that the surgeons have a long time experience with the process in comparison with DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) or robot implantation which appeared in years 2016. Be careful, the marketing aspect of these new techniques is used to convince future patients, instead of looking at the long terms results and the experience of FUE technique.

Tip #7
Do not believe all what is written on the clinic websites!

It is well known that the marketing aspect makes the deal happens, but does a good websites tell the truth about the quality of the organisation, hygiene and surgery?

We found out during our controls, that a the contact with the clinic should be by phone and with the surgeon himself, not by contacting the clinic via their website, because the marketing coordinator will not be responsible of your surgery.

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