The following information is essential to give you the best chance of getting great results in hair implants in a TOP clinic.

The reputation of the clinics is not always as expected in terms of quality, which results in a less natural hair look for the hair implants; greater risks to health and a service that will not leave you satisfied. Consultants only select clinics that have world-class standards of care, with excellent results and an international team.

Please find below the general differences between clinics that are recommended and the rest of the clinics in Istanbul:

Treatment of the patients

Our recommended clinics treat only 1 patient a day and take the time for him.

 Our recommended clinics are patient oriented – they will tell you in all honesty what is possible and what is not.

Clinic selection

English speaking staff present at the clinic

Including preoperative, interpretive and postoperative consultation.

HT Consultants can organize a translator for tourist services.

Documents such as contracts, information forms and certificates are written in English.

Clinic selection

The procedure has been tested and approved

We are the only company that offers quality control by a London-based external surgeon, who practices plastic surgery since many years. Our surgeon specializes in head and neck surgery’s.

Our surgeon followed all the steps of the hair implant transplant at the clinic and coached the staff. He is the only one to decide whether the clinic is recommendable or not.

We guarantee a painless procedure (except for the first bite of anaesthesia) performed in a professional and sterile manner from the beginning to the end of the surgery.

Our surgeon wants the best for our patients and as a result, he does not hesitate to refuse clinics that does not do a good job.

Clinic selection

The clinics we recommend use doctors to perform the surgery

Many clinics in Istanbul use nurses or technicians that is not qualified to perform the operation. The advantage for these clinics is to offer a very low price, but the disadvantage is clearly that the patient may suffer and have less good results.

Local anaesthetic injection is performed to minimize pain. Therefore, you will feel pain only for the first injection. We are sure that the surgeons we recommend are excellent at this technique, so that our patients can be comfortable and not suffer.

Clinic selection

Natural results so that the hair implants are not obvious in the future

The surgeon extracts the grafts and opens the channels before implanting the grafts. 

This are the most complicated steps and many clinics use a nurse or technician.

The surgeon promises the best possible natural result.

Above all, the surgeon and his team operate 1 person a day, 3 to 6 times a week, which allows us to make sure he has experience.

Clinic selection

Honest and reliable surgeon / clinic

A sincere judgment of the surgeon about whether or not to take implants will be done.

This judgment depends mainly on the density of your donor region (back of the head) and the area to be covered.

It is not wise for us to promise you the impossible. If the result is not natural, nobody will be happy.

He will tell you what the clinic can do and you will make your decision accordingly.

Clinic selection
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