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Hair transplant services

HT Consultants is an professional international start-up that was established in 2016 to provide honest and realistic advice to people considering a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. We aim to help you by giving you advice and showing you the options of fighting your hair loss with medication and surgery. Common questions include:

o   What are the causes of hair loss?

o   Can I slow down hair loss?

o   How can I get my hair back?

o   What is the costs for a hair transplant in Europe compared to Turkey?

o   Is it essential to shave my hair before surgery?

o   Are there ways of having a hair transplant without shaving my hair?


We act honestly and our advice is FREE. We have lived it, and we know how it works!

Moreover, we control the clinics by our surgeon team before sending any patients to ensure quality. This is what make us different.

Hair transplant services

Good organisation is necessary to avoid problems and stress. As soon as you arrive in Istanbul, the personnel will be waiting for you, You will get a printed schedule for your stay.

On this schedule, you will have all your appointments with the clinics or the Istanbul personnel.

This is a very good overview that tells you where and when your appointments will be. This schedule will also tell you when you have free time, so you can organise some activities in the city.

If you have any request about a place to visit or a local restaurant to have a dinner, our personnel will take it into consideration in your schedule.

Hair transplant services

Istanbul is a huge city and we do not want you to get lost in it. Therefore we propose transfer services, that are included in our offer:

Day 1 :  Airport to Clinic – Clinic to Hotel

Day 2:  Hotel to Clinic – Clinic to Hotel                                                         

Day 3:  Hotel to Clinic – Clinic to Hotel

Day 4:  Hotel to Clinic – Clinic to Hotel – Hotel to Airport

Hair transplant services

During your stay in Istanbul, why not pamper yourself?

After the surgery, you will have to eat and rest at the hotel at night. Therefore we recommend one of the best 5 star hotels of Istanbul and one of your friend is included in our offer.

Moreover, the hotel we choose is always very near from the clinic to avoid long transports or complications.

Hair transplant services

The main language in Istanbul is Turkish. We provide multilingual staff who speak fluent English, Turkish, and Arabic to assist you in your stay.

In our experience, it is difficult to be understood if you would like to ask something precise about the hair transplant, about your stay or anything else. 

Our multilingual staff will be able to understand your questions and facilitate your requests. Someone will be present at your appointments with the clinic and help you with the translation. Do not worry, we speak your language!

Our Istanbul personnel can speak:

English   /   Turkish   /   Arabic      *any other language can be organized

Hair transplant services

What if you go into the city centre and you are lost?

What if you would like to visit a historical place but you do not know where it is?

What if you have questions about your surgery?

Our staff in Istanbul is available 24/7 to answer your requests and take care of your wishes. As soon as you have a wish or a question, feel free to take your phone and give us a call !

We can also support you on WhatsApp© messenger to avoid extra costs with your operator.

Hair transplant services

Istanbul is a great and big city. There are so many cultural places to see, nice traditional dishes to eat or great shops to buy whatever you want.

Our Istanbul based staff know the good places to visit. Therefore we will suggest some cultural activities to do during your free time by foot, car, train or boat.

We can ensure you that you will enjoy your stay in Istanbul !

Hair transplant services

Our concept is to offer top quality services at a fair price. We want to offer our patients a discount to pay less for top quality services. Our recommended clinics must accept a discount on your clinic bill. We ensure you also a fair price (cheaper than clinics) by using our consultants skills.

There is also the possibility to pay with installments (with 3 bills maximum). In that case, there is not the possibility to get a discount.

Hair transplant services

HT Consultants stays in contact with you to check up the development and your hair growth.

We also provide valuable post-surgery advice to help your hair to grow very well.

It is normal that you have some questions after the surgery. We are also with you if you need help when you have returned home. HT


The consultation is the 1st contact with the surgeon. This is the moment to explain your wishes and ask your questions.

The clinics we are working with take time to explain you the whole process (~30 min) and to explain you what is possible and what is not.

A good consultation is very important to ensure you feel comfortable before you get your hair transplant.

Hair transplant services

Blood analysis are essential to choose the right process and ensure the success of the surgery.

The clinic team will take a sample of your blood on day 2. After this tests, the surgery can begin.

Hair transplant services

The FUE hair transplant process will be developed as following: 

  1. local anesthesia injection of the donor area (patient lays on the front side )
  2. take the grafts from the donor area (patient lays on the back side – sitting position)
  3. local anesthesia injection (transplant area)
  4. open the channels for the new grafts
  5. implant the new grafts​

Note: the procedure may vary depending on the technique, the surgeon and the patients.

Hair transplant services

On day 3, the nurse will remove the bandages and the surgeon will check the surgery.

You can ask the surgeon about your feelings and questions. The surgeon will take time to listen, explain and answer your questions.

The surgeon will decide if you need new bandages or if you can go without bandages.

Hair transplant services

The 4th day, the clinic team will show you how to wash your hair. They begin to apply a skin lotion over your head and wait about 20 minutes.

After this point, they show you how to use shampoo correctly. You shall mix it with water and emulsify until the mixture changed to foam.

In the end, they clean with water carefully to avoid the grafts to be taken out.

Hair transplant services

Before you leave the clinic, the clinic team will provide you:

  • advice to take care of your skin
  • do’s and don’ts list (for example: how long should I avoid sauna or Turkish bath?)
  • skin lotion
  • hair shampoo
  • list of acceptable natural products for your hair such as oils, lotions, shampoos,…
  • list of medicine to take after surgery (only to use 10 days after surgery)
  • a hat to protect from the sun